Employment Opportunity

Misty Brook Farm Grazer/Livestock Farmer

Type: Full-Time Position 40hr/week with the potential for more hours.

Category: Livestock/Grazing/Chores


Moving temporary fencing for cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens; Feeding livestock; Milking cows and sheep; Collecting eggs; Assisting in other aspects of the farm as needed


Opportunity to be an integral part of an organic pasture-based livestock farm using rotational grazing and mob grazing with a variety of livestock. No previous experience necessary, but enthusiasm to learn a must. Position offers a great learning experience and opportunity for development.


Candidates must:

  • Be able to lift 50+lb.
  • Be able to walk 3+ miles per day.
  • Be able to start the day early (usually 6am).
  • Possess high levels of energy & self-
  • Be able to work well independently.
  • Be observant and able to see both the details and the whole.
  • Be enthusiastic and have the ability to learn.
  • Live nearby and hold a valid driver’s license.


Setting up and moving fences and water for all species of livestock. Observing pasture and livestock for peak animal performance and health. Daily chores such as milking, feeding, and egg collecting. Communicating with managers about pasture and animal performance. Keeping the fencing shed and fencing truck tidy.

Must be able to:

  • Follow multiple detailed instructions.
  • Be observant and have attention to detail.
  • Be tolerant of adverse weather conditions.
  • Be able to change and adjust plans based on observation (especially with fence moving).
  • Be self-motivated and work alone.
  • Complete tasks efficiently.
  • Focus on the task at hand.
  • Asist in other farm tasks as needed.


  • Effectively communicate observations and needs.
  • Communication of livestock health and happiness.
  • Communication of pasture quality.
  • Communication of grazing plan adjustments.
  • Communicate the need for grain and other livestock supply purchases with enough lead time for managers to order.
  • Report to Katia Holmes (Livestock Health/Breeding) and Brendan Holmes (Fencing/Feed/Pasture)


Hourly position paid $13/hr.

This position is from April 1st to November 1st with the opportunity for year-round employment.


Send resume and cover letter to Katia Holmes

Misty Brook Farm
156 Bog Road
Albion, ME 04910