REAL Family Farms stands for:

Responsible Ethical Abundant LivingMisty Brook Farm is now working with other local organic farms to supply the growing demand for organic meats. The aim of this project is to support our fellow family farms. The origin farm name and address are on every package of meat. By purchasing this meat, you are keeping family farms alive. 

Be Responsible.

Many of the organic cows raise in Maine are trucked to Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania to be slaughtered. By purchasing this meat, you are reducing food miles and voting for more humane treatment of animals. 

Be Ethical.

REAL Family Farms puts more food dollars in the farmers pocket. Our farmers live to farm and pledge that their animals have abundant access to organic feed, fresh air, sunlight, and clean water.

Provide Abundance & Enjoy Living!

You are making a difference by purchasing meat from REAL Family Farms. Click the image below to expand and view our farmer pledge!

Our current farm partners are SweetLand Farm, The Milkhouse, Reed Farm, and Maine-ly Grass Farm. Note: These farms feed organic grain, including organic soy