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The way life should be!

Our first season in Maine has been a whirlwind! What a joy it’s been setting our roots down on our new farm. 

Our milk is becoming increasingly available across the state in a number of different natural food stores.  Looking for our raw milk or raw cream in your area?  Check out the list of stores that carry our products: here!


Better yet? Our farm shop is fully stocked with our raw milk, raw cream, eggs, beef, pork, veal and chicken.  We’ve loved meeting our new neighbors (both near and far!) in the shop this summer and fall.  Nothing makes us happier than being able to share the farm with our customers!

Very popular this fall has been our “Free Choice Meat Share”.  Customers have come out from unbelievable distances to stock up on their meat for the winter!  What could be more fun than setting yourself up for old favorites and new adventures for these dark chilly months?! Pick up all at once, or in installments.  Whichever works for you!