Raw Dairy

Photo by Hannah McGowan

100% Grass-Fed Raw Cow’s Milk & Cream

Our certified-organic herd of Jersey cows is 100% grass-fed. They produce stunning milk and cream, which we sell raw at our farm shop and in natural foods stores around the state. High in vitamins, minerals and beautiful golden butter fat–our cows will surely win your heart!

Our grass-fed raw cow’s milk, half & half and cream are available year-round at our farm shop. Here are the products that we sell:

  • Organic Raw Cow’s Milk: Available in quart, half-gallon, and gallon sizes in plastic or glass
  • Organic Raw Cow’s Milk Half & Half: Available in pints and quarts
  • Organic Raw Cow’s Milk Cream: Available in pints
Photo by Kelsey Kobik

For a list of stores where our milk is sold, click here!

How to Keep Milk Fresh
The date on our milk & cream is the “bottled on” date. The sell-by date is 10 days after the bottled on date.

Expect our milk to stay fresh for at least two weeks after the bottled on date.

Sour raw milk isn’t at all like spoiled pasteurized milk! Misty Brook milk turns sour due to the natural lactic acid bacteria that live in raw milk; the process is similar to what occurs in yogurt-making. If some of your milk does sour before you have a chance to drink it all, it still has many culinary uses!

Photo by Hannah McGowan

Use your soured milk as a substitute for buttermilk in pancakes, biscuits, doughnuts, or in mashed potatoes. Additionally, you can use it to make a simple ricotta cheese. For more ideas and recipes, click here.

Photo by Hannah McGowan