Come visit us at the farm!

Photo by Kelsey Kobik

PAYMENT: We are a self-service store, accepting cash, personal checks, and Venmo. For the current Farm Store price list, click here.

LOCATION: Our Farm Store is located at the heart of our farm in beautiful Albion, Maine. The address is 156 Bog Road, Albion, ME. 

HOURS: We are open daily, 365 days a year, from dawn to dusk.

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: Most of our products are available year-round, but contact us to make sure the items you want are available, or if you want us to set aside a special order from you if you are traveling far to get here! We will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do not ship our products at this time, but work with a variety of retail partners around the state.

OPEN FARM POLICY: While you’re here, feel free to give yourself a self-guided tour of the farm.  We have an open farm policy and you’re always welcome to walk around and see what we are up to. And if we’re are around when you come, we’d be glad to show you around and answer your questions. If you are interested a more formal tour, please fill out the contact form here. Please remember that this is a working farm. We have large equipment and machinery that is often in use. Please do not touch any equipment or animals, and practice safe exploring!

Farm Store Products


Learn about our raw dairy here.

  • Organic Raw Cow’s Milk: Available in quart, half-gallon, and gallon sizes in plastic or glass
  • Organic Raw Cow’s Milk Half & Half: Available in pints and quarts
  • Organic Raw Cow’s Milk Cream: Available in pints
  • Organic Raw Sheep’s Milk: Seasonal item available when our sheep graze outside.


Learn more about our grass-fed beef and veal, pastured pork, and lamb.

  • Organic 100% Grass-Fed Beef: Ground, stew, ribs, shanks, kabobs, roasts, & steaks
  • Organic Milk-Fed Jersey Veal
  • Organic 100% Grass-fed Lamb: Ground, stew, shanks, roasts, ribs, & chops
  • Organic Pastured Soy-Free Pork: Ground, ribs, roasts, steaks, chops, & bacon
  • Organic Sausage: Selection of pork & mixed meat sausages, something for everyone!


Learn more about our soy-free eggs here.

  • Organic Soy-Free Eggs: From happy hens on real pasture


Elexis works hard to source a variety of complementary items from surrounding Maine farms and producers. We often have a large selection of fermented items, cheese, Milkhouse yogurt, sea salt, maple syrups, frozen fruit and more. Come with our meats and dairy, and leave with so much more!

  • Ironwood Farm Organic Vegetables: Available seasonally from our neighboring farm and family friends.
  • Our Organic Stone-Milled Flours: Wheatberries, whole wheat, whole rye and cornmeal are available year-round. Can also be ordered in raw, unmilled form. Learn morea bout our grains here.
  • Our Organic Dry Beans: We have a fun selection of dry beans for every occasion in many colors.
  • Our Organic Cover Crop Seed: Ask about our organic wheat, oat, & rye seed. Fill out the contact form here for more information.