How We Farm

We strive to do what’s best for the animals, the soil, and our customers.

Our fields are certified organic by MOFGA. We use our own compost from animals and plants to enrich the soil and promote healthy pastures. The compost is enlivened by biodynamic preparations to encourage healthy microbial activity and create a balanced organic fertilizer.

Our crops and animals move across the farm in a rotation. This keeps both the crops and animals disease-free and prevents the soil from getting depleted.


We don’t take shortcuts with the processing, either. Our products meet all USDA standards. The slaughter facilities we use know always store and age our meat for the correct amount of time, to maximize the flavor.

We have all of our own breeding stock. Unlike other farms, who buy in piglets and young animals to raise, all of our animals are born and raised on the farm. The animals are here from birth. We see their whole life all the way through. You know what you’re eating has been treated humanely since before birth. This enables us to produce consistent quality products.

And we handle almost all of our own store deliveries. We want to make sure that our products get to our customers in perfect condition.