The laying hens are rotated through pastures and hay fields. We move their campers every week to give them a large area of fresh grass and clover to graze along with all the grubs, worms and insects they can find.

This diet greatly increases the nutritional value of their eggs and meat. Their egg yolks are a golden orange.

Our laying hens are fed a soy-free diet of layers mash and skim milk. Our layer grain is all sourced from Aroostook County and is GMO-free. The grain is a balanced mix of organic corn, organic wheat, organic peas, sunflower meal, and minerals, giving our hens the nutrition they need to lay the very best soy-free 100% Maine grown eggs.

Soy-Free Eggs: From hens on real pasture eating local (Maine-grown!) and soy-free grains to supplement their diet of all the tasty bugs and critters!

Storing Eggs
If you keep your eggs in the refrigerator, they’ll stay very fresh for 1 month. And they’ll remain perfectly edible for 4 months under refrigeration.

Your eggs will keep for up to one week at room temperature.