Lamb, Mutton, and Sheep Milk

Photo by Kelsey Kobik

Our sheep produce fine wool and delicious meat. They graze from May through October and consume hay in the winter months. We offer a beautiful selection of raw fleece, roving, and worsted weight skeins from our Friesan ewes. Our lambs are 100% grass-fed and produce primo lamb chops, roasts, ground, stew, & shank. Throughout the year, we offer lamb and mutton. During the grazing season, we milk our ewes and offer rich, creamy, and raw sheep milk. 

Every spring, we open our barns doors and welcome the community to come witness and celebrate the unofficial end of winter at the farm: sheep shearing day! At this annual event, we invite talented local and award-winning shearer Jeff Burchstead of Buckwheat Blossom Farm to shear all the sheep in preparation for the upcoming lambing season. Read our blog here to learn more about this fun event! 

Are you interested in processing your own raw fiber? We sell unprocessed fleece on or after sheep shearing day. For information on pricing and availability, please contact Katia:

Photo by Hannah McGowan Photography