Our Farm Shop

Our Albion Farm Shop is open daily on a self-serve basis. It can be found at 156 Bog Road Albion, ME.  Directions

We accept cash and personal checks!
We accept EBT too! (Contact us to make sure we will be around to run your card.)

Organic Raw Cow’s Milk is $4/half gal in glass (note there is an additional $2 bottle deposit).  Raw milk is available year round. Call ahead for orders of more than two gallons of milk or for special requests.

Organic Real Milk-Fed Veal ground, stew, chops, roats, ribs, osso bucco, & cutlets

Organic 100% Grass-Fed Beef ground, stew, ribs, shanks, kabobs, roasts, & steaks

Organic 100% Grass-fed Lamb ground, stew, shanks, roasts, ribs, & chops

Organic Pastured Soy- Free Pork ground, ribs, roasts, steaks, chops, & bacon

Organic Sausage selection of pork & mixed meat sausages, something for everyone!

Organic Pastured Roasting Chickens our birds average between 4 and 5 lbs and are $6/lb

Organic Soy-Free Eggs from hens on real pasture. Stew hens available too.

Alister’s Organic Vegetables are available seasonally. Alister, our oldest son, has taken on the veggie crops and will be selling a great selection in the farm shop and at the Common Ground Country Fair. Come support an aspiring young farmer!

Organic Stone-Milled Whole Flours whole wheat, whole rye and cornmeal are available year round and can also be ordered in their raw, unmilled form.

Organic Dry Beans of many colors! We have a fun selection of dry beans for every occasion.

Organic Cover Crop Seed Ask about our organic wheat, oat, & rye seed.

Farm Tours are self guided. We have an open farm policy and you are always welcome to walk around and see what we are up to. We are happy to show you around and answer your questions, if we are are around when you show up.