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Misty Brook Farm Family

We’re the Holmes Family: Brendan, Katia and our three boys, Alister, Johnny, and William.  

Brendan and Katia started farming in central Massachusetts in the early 2000s. We were renting land from 14 landlords in four towns!  We had wonderful customers who drove a long way to our farm shop because they loved our products.

After eight years, we found this beautiful 400-acre farm in Albion, Maine and moved up here. We still have a farm shop, but our main focus now is on wholesale. We deliver to natural food and local foods stores all over Maine, as well as restaurants, caterers, and buyers clubs.

Our son, Alister, is getting into the family business, growing vegetables and learning how to sell them at farmers markets.

You’re welcome to visit any time, and, if we’re here, we’d be glad to show you around.