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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Early Riser Cornmeal

Bagged and ready for your pantry!

  At Misty Brook Farm, we grow open-pollinated Early Riser field corn for our cornmeal.

Alister in the corn field


Dried and ready to be milled


This multi-purpose corn is well-adapted for cold, northern climates. It has great genetic diversity, with both dent and flint characteristics. Dent corns are typically high in starch, while flint corns are low in water content making them very resistant to freezing temperatures. Both of these traits make Early Riser a great choice for cornmeal, which is what much of our crop goes to! If we don’t mill it into flour, we save it to plant for next year’s crop.

This variety is so hardy, that it is the only corn that survived “The Year without a Summer”, a bizzare event in 1816 where snow fell in June and late frosts killed most of New England’s crops… Except Early Riser!

We mill our corn into cornmeal each winter and stock our Farm Store shelves with bags of this flavorful grain ready for your home pantries.

Whether you want to mix some into your next bread, fry up some Johnny Cakes, or make a pan of corned bread, Early Riser cornmeal will add great texture, a nutty, rich flavor, and awesome golden yellow to your next culinary creation!