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    Misty Brook Bacon

    Bacon is a kind of salt-cured pork made from various cuts of the pig, most commonly the belly. It’s a favorite component of a classic American breakfast, and is also used to add a rich, salty, fatty element to many dishes. Think BLTs and club sandwiches, or chopped up and rendered with onions before flavoring a chowder.  Our bacon is all from our Tamworth hogs, a heritage breed that is historically known as “the bacon pig” because their thick bellies and golden fat. Tamworth hogs originated in central England where forests full of beech and oak nourished them as they grazed year round. They are lean and athletic and are…

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    Aged Cow & Sheep Gouda Cheese (NEW 2018!)

    Please contact us to order wholesale today! You can also find by visiting us at our farm store. If you are not “in the biz” of food please ask your favorite grocer to contact us. We also welcome orders for wheels of this cheese from anyone out there so click the link about wholesale above if that’s your style. This is a lovely smooth Gouda Cheese that makes me think “slow and steady”. Both the cow and sheep versions are simple and elegant. The subtle flavors are sure to win over any cheese lover, and this is likely a wonderful pairing with a peppery cracker or hot pepper jam for those interested…

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    Raw Sheep Milk – NEW in 2018

    Raw Sheep’s Milk Please contact us to order today! You can also find by visiting us at our farm store. PRODUCT INFO: The milk is sweet and delicious… from ewes grazed on certified organic pastures. These ladies eat organic oats while milking and are some of the happiest sheep in Maine. Misty Brook is the first farm to offer pure raw sheep’s milk. GENERAL INFO ON SHEEP MILK: Sheep milk tastes a lot like cow milk. It is not gamey tasting like goat milk and is light, creamy and sweet. “Sweet” is the word most heard when tasting. When we’ve done taste testing in stores the response is “wow we love this!”.…