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    Ian Mitchell-Innes at Misty Brook Farm!

    June 13-14th 2017 Join us to learn from world-renowned grazing expert Ian Mitchell-Innes. Capture Free Energy with Management Energy is Money & Money is Energy This two-day intensive will cover: Livestock, Soil Life, & Energy Animal Performance & High Density Grazing Land as Solar Panel & Planned Grazing Infrastructure & Profits Planning the Biological Calendar with Nature to save Money Farm Lunch Included! Who? Ian Mitchell-Innes is a native of South Africa where he has spent decades managing his ranch and cattle. Through trial and error, he eventually settled on Holistic Management and Mob Grazing. He is here to help us recognize week links, take advantage of solar energy, and…

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    Microburst Storm at Misty Brook

    A severe storm hit the heart of Misty Brook at 6pm on July 28th, 2015. It looked like a thunderstorm, but arrived like a hurricane. When it hit there was no visibility. Plum size hale, torrential, rain, and 70 mile per hour winds whipped and pummeled the farm in all directions. This down blast lasted 10 minutes and when it ceased there was mayhem. Our garden soil flowed down the hill as we rounded up all the shell shocked livestock that had run through their fences. With power lined down everywhere, we got the tractor hooked to the generator and milked the cows late. By the time we were done…

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    Misty Brook Farm

    We are a 600 acre certified organic farm in Albion, Maine.  Our focus is producing high quality staple foods that satisfy all the requirements of a healthy, balanced diet.  Certified Organic 100% grass-fed raw Jersey cow’s milk and cream, 100% grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork, milk-fed rose veal, pasture raised soy-free eggs, vegetables, stone milled whole grain flours, dry beans and more!  None of our cow’s receive any grain.  To supplement the pasture based forage, our pigs are fed certified organic soy-free grain on a free choice basis as well as our own milk-soaked home grown whole grains!  We use our own compost from animals and plants to enrich the…

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    Misty Brook Farm Store

    We are open everyday, dawn to dusk! Nothing beats picking up fresh farm goodies (whether it’s our milk, meat, eggs, vegetables or grains that move you) straight from the land and people that produced it.  We love meeting our customers–come check out what we’re up to! Click for more on the farm store

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    A letter from Brendan and Katia

    March 5th, 2013 Dear Friends and Customers, We have exciting news! After searching high and low for many years we have found a farm in Albion, ME that we are purchasing. This farm has 200 acres of prime certified organic agricultural fields, 200 acres of beautiful woodlands, many barns, and a house at the heart of the farm. Over the years we have rented land here, there, and everywhere. Some years we have gained land and some years we have lost land. We have spread compost and improved fields only to lose them the next year. It will relieve a lot of stress for us to have our own home…